BLOC+BLUR Creative Studio are a uniquely talented bunch of Manchester and London based creatives producing high quality digital video, photography and design.
We are film makers, storytellers, camera geeks, music lovers, artists, writers, makers, doers and grafters.
... and we imagine, anything is possible.


From concept to completion ... we provide everything you need under one roof.

Whether you need a single piece of artwork or an epic scale film production we have you covered.


Bespoke services tailored to the specific needs of your project.





360° media + marketing

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Skilled, gifted
- Kim Stewart
intelligent and
creatively engaged.
- Neasa Hardiman, award winning Writer/Director



Storytelling isn't just about entertaining your audience, it isn't just about holding someones attention and it isn't just about selling your products. It's about you, your business and your story. Imaginative and meaningful storytelling is the basis of all memorable human communication ... It's emotive, powerful and seeks a strong connection with its audience. Effectively communicating who you are as a business can make your viewers genuinely care about your brand ... and in the process we will entertain your audience, we will hold their attention and we will sell your products. So why not let our award winning team tell your story?


Here at BLOC+BLUR we pride ourselves on simplifying the process of creating your visual media. You will only ever need to deal with one designated project manager, one team of creatives. One-to-one conversations with someone who will know you and your business inside out. A thoroughly personal service. Everything else you can leave to us. Be as involved as you want to be, stress free, knowing that your content will be delivered on time and on budget. All you need under one roof.


BLOC+BLUR Creative Studio are a close-knit team of creatives with a vast experience. We have knowledge of numerous industries, mediums and platforms, meaning we can bring the best of our experience to your brand. We offer a bespoke service specific to the needs of your project. Whether that's a single crew member, a logo design, event promotion or full 360° launch on multiple platforms, we put the right people at your fingertips.


No off-the-peg proposals, no half measures. A fully tailored service ... that's a promise.


With collectively over 50 years industry experience our in-house team are a unique blend of specialists with the technical skill to craft all manner of artistic wizardry. In addition to the Studio team BLOC+BLUR has cultivated a network of industry professionals, crew, facilities companies and technical suppliers ... Ensuring our flexible core unit can expand to accommodate any size of project, whether large, small or utterly gargantuan.


It's one thing to take a  great idea and develop it into a great looking piece of media ... it's another to develop a creative idea in-line with a practical marketing strategy. Here at BLOC+BLUR we're not only about creating stunning visuals. Our concept development starts with the visually innovative and is expanded into a strategised, astute means of marketing. We ensure that your product is promoted on  the most effective platforms, adapted and developed across different media. We are here to help you chose the right media, on the right platform for the best results.


Our in-house post-production facilities allow you to drop into the studio, relax and see your project come to life. Editing, animation, colour grading and FX all taken care of by our skilled creatives.

When your day is a little too hectic we can deliver previews and updates digitally to your nearest screen. We make the  most of cloud services and online technology so that our post-production workflow can fit perfectly with your working day ... even if you're on the other side of the world.   


Save yourself the hassle of sourcing different photographers, film makers and designers. Forget having to endure multiple conversations about the same project with a host of different contractors. Let us do all the legwork for you. At BLOC+BLUR the 360° approach to marketing means you can find everything you need under one roof. Trusted suppliers, efficient project management and highly skilled creators. We save you time, money and  energy. Let us take the stress out of your media marketing so you can get back to doing what you do best - running your business. 


Ready to take it to the next level?Want to fly? ... raise the roof? ... explode? ... Whatever you imagine for your brand, we can imagine more for your marketing. Whether you want to breathe life into your company logo, create bespoke animation or see something extra special on film, we've got you covered. For visual media that really goes the extra mile our post-production team, animators and FX designers can take you there.


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